Becoming a Connected Nonprofit

Presented at the Salesforce (DC) World Tour 2016

This presentation was given when I was the director in a national nonprofit. I had the joy of leading a team filled with an amazing set of creatives/technicals who made absolute magic happen.

“Magic, you say?” Yes, friend, magic. Because, here’s the inside scoop: what is “Salesforce” is a vast ecosystem of natively-built ( and acquired (ExactTarget, BuddyMedia, Radian6, etc) tools all tied together. But some things that should talk to one another in a seemingly-native-fashion (Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud) really don’t…yet. You can configure some fancy connectors, and yes you can do that yourself, but realize that it’s a sophisticated process.

So my magic-making team migrated a destroyed Salesforce org to a new one, configured the Marketing Cloud connector, built a website that sent tons of info to SF, connected it all to our mobile app… there’s so very much to be done that can create that “360-degree view” of your constituent… but it’s a lot of work! In the end, though, it’s so very worth it.

BSF 2015 DC World Tour Connected Nonprofit

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